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A Happy Food Critic

Tom Doorley Review

Tom Doorley - Irish Times

Retro food without the irony

This is the kind of food that should be available in a pub in every village in Ireland. It's simple food but it takes a degree of skill and a great deal of effort and commitment to do it as well as it's done here at Weir's. How many rural Irish pubs do the same?

Pat and Una Weir decided some time ago that there was little future in just running a pub. So they decided to offer good, decent, honest food and the news has travelled.

It's a fine old place with a venerable bar and a turf fire and a big, high-ceilinged restaurant space with the kind of bric-a-brac that was definitely not bought from one of those "Instant Irish Pub"companies.

Rural pubs are dying because it is no longer enough to serve drink and packets of peanuts with Sky Sport on the side. Weir's is doing something that people really want: not fussy, fecky food but good grub in a warm, informal kind of atmosphere. And a place where the folk in the kitchen actually cook rather than open packets.


Look who came to visit

Johnny Depp

The restaurant's co-owner, Úna Weir, said of Depp: "He was a gentleman - so gentle and kind. He was so nice to all the children who all wanted his autograph because of Willy Wonka."

Weir added that Depp had tipped her staff well but did not eat a big meal. See Report HERE 


Multyfarnham Visit

Cillian Murphy

Dining in Weirs Bar Multyfarnham with Johnny Depp guests of  JP Dunleavy & Friends. 


Gay Byrne

What Uncle Gaybo had to say

Listen Here to Radio Piece Listen Here 


Paolo Tullio


A Simple Pleasure 

Weirs is one of those places that makes you feel instantly comfortable. There's a small bar in dark, shiny wood and an open fireplace ablaze. Beyond that is a big, high-ceilinged room -- the dining room -- with another big fire blazing. You can tell at once that this is fishing country; there are rods and reels displayed on the walls.

I'm old enough to remember when country pubs offered peanuts or sandwiches toasted in a plastic bag as their entire food repertoire. Weirs is what philosophers call a 'confirming instance', a confirmation in this case that, just as we suspected, Ireland has come a very long way in the past 30 years when it comes to gastronomy.

Some good bread was on the table and we began to believe we'd stumbled upon very good pub food.

If we've arrived at a point where wholesome, well-made food can be found in pubs in small villages and towns around the country, then we have a reason to celebrate.

it was done well. And that's what pleases about a kitchen such as the one in Weirs -- it's not serving rare and exquisite dainties, it's serving the sort of food that most of us eat on a daily basis, but it's doing it very well.


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